Pay Equity claim for Therapists | Mana Taurite

The issues

The 'arguability' of the pay equity claim came down to three key points.
  • The consistently female-dominated workforce.
  • The characterisation of therapists’ work as women’s work.
  • Occupational segregation and the feminisation of therapists’ work.

Where we're at

We have now approved the settlement.

Highlights of the settlement are: 

  • New equitable pay rates, with pay increases, correcting historic undervaluation.
  • A new parental lump sum payment for therapists covered by the Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists’ Collective Agreement
  • An effective date for the new pay rates of 25 May 2023
  • Reimbursement of professional fees
  • See below links for detailed information on the settlement, pay scales, and evidence report.