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[FAQ] How can I pay?

01 Jul 2022

How can I pay my membership subscriptions?

If you are a new or rejoining member there are three ways your subscription can be paid:

  • By direct debit from your bank account
  • By recurring credit/debit card payments
  • By direct credit following receipt of an invoice

Can I pay by deduction from my salary or wages?

It is the intention of NZEI Te Riu Roa to eventually move all members from salary deductions. No new salary deductions are being established for new or rejoining members.

If you are an existing member paying by salary/wage deduction you may, at this point, continue to pay that way although we do encourage you to consider switching to a direct payment method.

Using direct debit, credit cards or invoices reduces our dependency on payroll systems and the commission paid for the collection of subscriptions from members.

NZEI Te Riu Roa wants to make the most of the subscription income available. Rather than having to continue to pay 2.5% of your subscription to payrolls as a collection commission, direct debits incur only a small transaction charge upon NZEI Te Riu Roa.

Payroll Deduction (members in schools only)

Members who work at schools can now opt for payroll deduction via EdPay. Fees will be based on your gross income each fortnightly pay. If you would like to change to payroll deduction, please let us know by email to membership@nzei.org.nz or by phone on 0800 693 443

Can I pay by automatic payment from my bank account?

We prefer that members do not do this.