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[FAQ] Subscription Rates

01 Jul 2022

How often do subscription rates change?

Subscription rates usually change only once a year. The actual rates and the thresholds at which each rate becomes payable are adjusted in line with the Consumer Price Index as at the end of December prior to the following year’s Annual Meeting.

Subscription rate changes are notified to members via NZEI Te Riu Roa News emails and individually to each member who pays by direct debit or recurring debit/credit card payments no later than 10 days before the change takes place. No action is required by most members although we do recommend checking that the rate to be paid is correct for your gross fortnightly pay.

Why do I pay subscriptions when I don’t get paid during the holidays?

Your subscription rates are calculated on an annual basis and spread across regular payments to make them easier to plan for and manage. This means that you’re covered 365 days a year, whenever you need support.

If you’re facing financial hardship and want to discuss your fees, get in touch with the Member Support Centre to chat through your options.

How much do I pay?

If you are teaching full time at a school or kindergarten or working full time in learning support for the Ministry of Education, then the top subscription rate will apply.

Otherwise, please use this calculator to determine your correct subscription rate. 

How often do I pay?

How often you pay depends on how you choose to pay.

  • If you pay by direct debit you can choose to pay fortnightly or monthly.
  • If you pay by credit/debit card you can choose to pay fortnightly, monthly, three monthly, six monthly or annually.
  • If you opt to be invoiced and pay by direct credit to our bank account you can choose to pay three monthly, six monthly or annually.

If you chose to pay fortnightly, we recommend that you pay your subscription on the day after your pay goes into your bank account. This is because direct debit and credit card transactions are normally processed by the banks before salary and wage payments. We have no control over these timings.

What if I take a period of leave without pay?

Just let NZEI Te Riu Roa know when your leave is to commence and when it will cease. We will suspend direct debits for the period of leave. Your membership will be retained during any period of leave without pay for up to fifteen months.