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Mana Taurite | Fair's Fair

Mana Taurite | Fair's Fair

Our pay equity campaign for educators

Our pay equity claims are about addressing the historical undervaluing in both pay and status in roles that society has perceived to be ‘women’s work’. We want to see Mana Taurite | Pay Equity for all workers in education. 

It’s time to fix this, because fair’s fair!

The ask

The asks for Mana Taurite are quite simple. Most claims are seeking some form of the following:

  1. Equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender.
  2. Recognition of past undervaluing of work deemed 'women's work' by society at large.
  3. Pathways to professional development and career progression for wāhine kaimahi.
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What is Pay Equity?

Pay equity means that people are paid equally for doing work of equal value. It recognises that while on the surface two jobs may look very different to each other, they require the same or substantially similar skills and experience, responsibilities, degrees of effort or working conditions. 

Pay equity is an attempt to ensure that the wages paid to workers in female-dominated occupations are free of assumptions and prejudices about the value of that work because it is mainly done by women.

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How do we win pay equity?

We need everyone on board and part of the Mana Taurite | Fair’s Fair campaign. We will need the government to pay for the improved pay rates. Seeing a claim through takes time, resources and expertise. 

Where our union represents a group of workers, we’re best placed to initiate the pay equity process and bring it to a successful settlement. Winning will take all of us.

Who is pay equity for?

Our wins: 

Current claims:

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